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 IMAGH, formed to foster harmony, strengthen relationships between religions and cultures, and enrich the community as a whole through various Outreach programs. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization.

IMAGH is an umbrella organization of individuals and other Organizations whose heritage is rooted in India and who believe in the aims and objectives of IMAGH.

a.    To develop and strengthen the Indian Muslim identity.
b.    Promote Indian Muslim Culture
c.    Organize interfaith events to foster, educate and bring awareness among the diverse communities of
      Greater Houston.
d.    Promote social and cultural responsibilities among youth of the community
e.    Promote and support educational opportunities to needy students.
f.    Organize Muslim festival celebrations in Association with other organizations.
g.    Provide a platform to various Indian Muslim individuals and Organizations.

Our Team


Abeezar Tyebji (Chairman)

Col. Raj Bhalla

Jawahar Malhotra
Angeli Arjunani

Rajneesh Chaudhary

Paru McGuire

Board of Advisors

Munir Ibrahim (President)

Dr. Yunus Langha (Vice-President)

Saeed Pathan (Secretary)

Rahat Kalle(Jt. Secretary)

Parvin Saiyed ( Treasurer)

Dr.Maqbool Haq (Chairman)

Dr.Saleha Khumawala

Fakhruddin Sabir

Dr. Salman Mirza Baig

Dr. Tahir Hussain

Fateh Ali Chatur

Board of Directors
Executive Committee 2017
Our Mission

Fostering Amity across Cultures, Communities and Religions.

Our Activities

​Eid Milan

Annual Picnic

Annual Conference

Community Outreach



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