IMAGH, formed to foster harmony, strengthen relationships between religions and cultures, and enrich the community as a whole through various Outreach programs. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization.


IMAGH is an umbrella organization of individuals and other Organizations whose heritage is rooted in India and who believe in the aims and objectives of IMAGH.


Motto: Fostering Amity across Cultures, Communities and Religions.




  • To Develop and strengthen the Indian Muslim Identity.

  • Promote Indian Muslim Culture.

  • To foster social interaction between the senior citizens and the youth of the community.

  • Promote social and cultural responsibilities among youth of the community.

  • Promote and support educational opportunities to needy students.

  • Organize and celebrate Muslim festivals in association with other organizations.




  • Celebrate Eid and other Muslim festivals

  • Community supported events, i.e. Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.

  • Young Adult events such as Cricket Match, Soccer, Baseball and other sporting events and Spelling Bee, Academic Events, Career Development and Scholarly events.

  • Promote Art & Culture such as Cuisines, Dresses, Language(s) and Paintings from around India.

  • Senior Citizen events such as arranging picnics, movie days, card games, and outings.

  • Volunteer during emergencies, natural disasters (Hurricanes, fires, floods, etc).

  • Organize health and safety events.

  • Organize fundraisers for providing scholarships, helping the needy, and donating for Disaster Relief.

  • Any other item proposed by the Executive Committee (EC) and approved by the Board of Directors (BOD).

  • Organize inter faith events to foster, educate and bring awareness among the diverse communities of Greater Houston.